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KDN α-galactosidase is a single enzyme produced by the latest modified bacteria through submerged fermentation and special downstream processing technologies, with characteristics of high purity, high activity and reliable quality. It can effectively reduce antinutritional factors including α-galactosides in feed by catalyzing the hydrolysis of α-galactoside bonds, and therefore improve feed utilization.


1. Hydrolyze galactosides in leguminous feed, reduce flatulence and diarrhea, and enhance digestion and absorption of feed nutrients;
2. Eliminate the negative effect of anti-nutritional factors on IGF-I secretion, promote protein synthesis, increase lean percentage;
3. Create synergic effect with other enzymes to improve utilization of feed nutrients;
4. Reduce abnormal fermentation in the intestine and modulate gut microbiota;
5. Allow more types of raw materials (esp. unconventional ones) to be used in feed to reduce feed costs.


2,000 U/g, 20,000 U/g

Recommended Dosage

50-100 g per ton of feed, based on the activity of 2,000 U/g.


Packaged in woven bags, 25 kg/bagor packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life
12 months.

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