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Cellulase WS

Cellulase WS is a water-soluble cellulase product produced via special downstream processing technology, with good solubility and flexible use. It can effectively hydrolyze non-starch polysaccharides of cellulose to increase feed digestibility & utilization and improve production performance of animals.


Cellulase, carrier.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: light yellow powder

Enzymatic activity: 30,000 U/g MIN.


1. fully soluble in water of various quality, with no precipitates or impurities.

2. better degradation of non-starch polysaccharides of cellulose.

3. adaptable to complex digestive tract environment, with higher enzyme activity in animal’s intestines.


Cellulase WS effectively:

1. hydrolyzes cellulose in feed ingredients, reduces chyme viscosity, enhances feed digestibility and nutrient absorption, and improves animal production performance;

2. saves feed cost by releasing more energy and other nutrients, which can be used to improve production performance;

3. enhances animal intestinal health, reduces the risks of enteritis, diarrhea, undigested feed in feces, etc.

4. narrows the quality gap among different batches of raw material and therefore stabilizes feed quality.


1. Supplementing by drinking water.

2. Post-spraying on granulate feed.


Store in cool, dry and shady places at 4-25℃ with bag sealed when the product is not in use.

Shelf Life

18 months from the date of production under appropriate storage conditions.


20 kg/square fiber drum.

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