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Produced by submerged fermentation and particular downstream processing technology, KDN Cellulase is specifically used to degrade anti-nutritional factor (ANF) of cellulose in plant-based feed ingredients and improve nutrient utilization for animals.


1. Improve digestibility of cellulose;
2. Release nutrients wrapped by the cell wall for animals to absorb;
3. Reduce feed costs by providing more flexibility in the use of feed ingredients such as cellulose-rich wheat by-products, hulled sunflower meal, cottonseed meal, etc.
4. Increase digestible and metabolic energy of feed ingredients and improve nitrogen absorption to reduce environmental pollution.


5,000 U/g,10,000 U/g.

Recommended Dosage

50-100 g/ton feed, based on the activity of 10,000 U/g.


Packaged in woven bags, 25 kg/bagor packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life
12 months. 

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