Vland Holds Its 2022 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sharing Annual Conference


On July 1, Vland’s 2022 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sharing Annual Conference was held in Qingdao. More than 400 people from Vland’s platforms of enzyme, probiotics, animal health, marine and aquatic products, innovative incubation, overseas business, and functional services attended the meeting.


Since the first Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sharing Annual Conference in 2018, Vland has held three such meetings, promoting the collaboration and sharing of internal resources. This year’ meeting was attended by not only internal makers of Vland, but also external cooperative makers and partners in the Vland ecosystem.

Mr. Huang Bingliang, Chairman of Vland, made a keynote speech titled “Strengthening ourselves to seek development in this fast-changing world”. He reviewed the corporate culture, and put forward six aspects for Vlanders to work harder on: innovation, self-confidence, professionalism, prompt action, openness, and win-win outcome. “Innovation is the eternal theme of Vland’s development. We must maintain the vitality of innovation to achieve sound and sustainable development. Vlanders must be self-confident and take initiative to drive Vland onto a track of fast and sound growth. It is necessary for us to maintain professionalism and survive in an increasingly competitive market. Vlanders must take prompt actions and make quick decisions to achieve goals. We must be even more open to draw on foreign experience and strengthen domestic and international R&D cooperation. While giving back to society, Vland will deliver benefits to all employees, customers, and the industry”, said Chairman Huang.


Heads of Vland’s platforms of enzyme, probiotics, animal health, marine and aquatic products shared their achievements in technological and product development, aiming to provide the best quality products and services for makers and partners.


Ecological thinking is the core of the Vland 4.0 Era. Many cases of ecological thinking have been emerging in Vland. Six colleagues shared their stories.


Three outstanding representatives of Vland makers from the platforms of enzyme, probiotics and animal health shared their experience.


Mr. Chen Gang, President of Vland, delivered a report themed “coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle”. He pointed out that Vland remained unchanged in the following five aspects: corporate culture, long-term vision, ecological thinking, platform+maker model and happy atmosphere, and examples were shared accordingly. “In an uncertain environment, team building, R&D system establishment and platform empowerment are of significance. Taking a long-term vision and adhering to ecological innovation are the ways to sustain growth”, emphasizes President Chen.