Vland Awarded Two Honorary Titles


Vland was selected as Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Shandong (Ranked No.5) on September 16, 2022 and Top10 Innovative Private Enterprises in Qingdao (Ranked No.2) on September 19, 2022.


Technological innovation remains core to Vland's development strategy. Committed to the philosophy of independent innovation, Vland has been making technological advances to improve product quality, optimize product structure and reduce production costs. The R&D investment in the first half year of 2022 reached RMB49.99m (or about USD7.09m), accounting for 9.39% of the operating revenue.


Until now, Vland has established 8 technology centers and 2 labs. With the 8 nation-level innovation platforms and the IPD-based management platform, applicable research has been made in various sectors.


In May 2022, Vland’s subsidiary Qingdao Vland Biotech Group Co., Ltd. was selected as Key National "Little Giant" Enterprise of the Third Batch. In June 2022, its Qingdao Bio-Manufacturing Scenario Application Lab was selected as one of the Second Batch of Scenario Application Labs in Qingdao.


Over the first half of 2022, Vland was granted with 25 Chinese innovation patents, 1 US patent and 4 PCT applications. By the end of the reporting period, Vland and its subsidiaries have owned a total of 309 Chinese invention patents, 8 US patents, 2 European patents, 23 PCT applications and 37 Chinese certificates of new veterinary drugs (including 3 first-class new veterinary drug certificates). All these achievements cannot be gained without Vland’s continuous efforts and exploration. In the animal health care sector, the number of registered new veterinary drugs of Vland in the past decade stands among Top5 in China. Among them, the number of registered traditional Chinese veterinary drugs is ranked No.2 and that of chemical veterinary drugs ranked No.5.


Through years of efforts in talent cultivation, Vland has established a stable and professional talent team to vigorously drive its growth. Currently, it has 32 doctors, 263 full-time R&D personnel, 1 in China National “Ten Thousands Talents Program”, 5 Taishan Industry Leaders in Shandong Province, 1 in “Double Hundred Talents Plan” of Shandong Province, 3 in Qingdao Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents, 2 in Qingdao Top talents, 1 in Qingdao Industry Leading Talents and 1 in Weifang Industry Leading Talents. In the meantime, sound cooperative relationship has been made by Vland with universities, research institutes and other enterprises.