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Kingphos WS

Kingphos WS is a highly concentrated water-soluble phytase product produced via special downstream processing technology, with good solubility and flexible use. It can effectively hydrolyze phytate to release available phosphorus and other nutrients (mineral, starch, amino acids) in plant-origin feed ingredients, thus improving the digestibility and utilization of nutrients and saving feed costs.


Phytase, carrier.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: light yellow powder

Enzymatic activity: 450,000 U/g MIN.


1. Fully soluble in water of various quality, with no precipitates or impurities.

2. Broad range of pH, high enzyme activity under pH 2.5-6.0.

3. High bioavailability of P and other nutrients.


Kingphos WS effectively:

1. hydrolyzes phytate to release available phosphorus in plant-origin feed ingredients.

2. improves the bioavailability of various nutrients such as minerals, starch, proteins, etc.

3. reduces inorganic phosphate supplementation to save feed costs and minimize the risk of fluorin from DCP or MCP.

4. reduces phosphorus content in animal excretion thereby alleviating environmental pollution.


1. Drinking water supplementation.

2. Post-spraying on granulate feed.


Store sealed in cool, dry and shady places at 4-25℃.

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production under appropriate storage conditions.


20kg/square fiber drum.

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