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Protease (Aquaculture)

Protease for Auqacuture helps not only improve protein digestibility and lower feed costs, but also decompose organic matters in the water body and increase water clarity.

Main Component

Protease ≥50,000 U/g.


Light brown powder.


Used in seawater and freshwater ponds, especially those of eutrophication with high level of organic matters.

1. decomposes organic matters, feces and residual feed in the water, and reduces sediment deposition, ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulphide levels;

2. removes turbidity from water caused by large number of organic particles to improve water clarity;

3. improves FCR, survival rate and the quality of aquatic products, and provides a safe and stable environment for the growth of farmed aquatic animals.

Recommended Dosage

Used on both rainy and sunny days.

1. Dissolve it with water and splash the solution evenly into the pond. Use 1,500g-2,000g per hectare (1 meter in depth) every 5-7 days.

2. Mix the product well with feed. Add 150g-200g per ton of feed.


25 kg/bag, or packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life

12 months from the production date.


Store in a cool, shady and dry place with the bag sealed.

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