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Coated Cellulase

Coated Cellulase used in detergents will prevent pilling caused by wearing and washing, maintain original beautiful colors of clothes and restore the vividness of colored clothes. It can also improve the surface finish and feel of clothes.

Coated Cellulase is a new generation of genetically modified cellulase of high activity produced with coating technology.



Physical Characteristics
1. Appearance: Gray-white uniform particles, no deliquescence, no peculiar smell.
2. Granular size: 20-60 mesh (0.25-0.83 mm) ≥85%.
3. Disintegration time: ≤ 60 seconds (30℃).
4. Bulk density: 0.7-1.1 g/ml.


1. Dispersion: Good flowing granules with homogeneous particle size ensure the good dispersion in the detergent powder.

2. Stability: The coated enzyme is immune from external adverse factors.

3. Compatibility: The close bulk density to other components in the detergent powder will not cause layering during shipment and storage.

4. Solubility: The rapid dissolution in the water can make active ingredients effective within a short time.


1. A low addition amount: 0.4%.
2. The specific dose depends on the formula, costs and effects. 2.5-10 U/g (based on the weight of washing powder) is added in lab conditions.
3. It is recommend to carry out a small-scale lab test to determine the optimal dose before mass production.

35 kg/drum (cardboard barrel lined with PE bags), or packaged according to customer requests.


Store in a cool, shady, dry and well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Extreme conditions (high temperature/moisture) will lead to the loss of enzyme activity. Refrigerate the product in the case of long-term storage.

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