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Cleanzyme is an alkaline serine protease, which can rapidly decompose and remove protein-based stains in low doses, relatively low temperature and wide pH range.

Cleanzyme is an alkaline protease for detergent developed by Vland Biotech after years of research. The coated alkaline protease of high activity can effectively decompose protein-based stains on the surface of fabrics and tableware including blood, sweat, bodily fluids and foods. The polypeptides formed after hydrolysis are easy to be dissolved and dispersed in the detergent, improving stain removing effects.

TypeActivity (U/g

Enzyme Properties

1. Active in a wide washing temperature range (15-60℃, optimum: 25-55℃); good effects at low temperature.

2. Active in a wide pH range (6.0-12.0, optimum: 10.5-11.0), especially suitable for high pH detergents.

Physical Characteristics

1. Appearance: milk-white granules. Color can be customized.
2. Particle size: 0.25-0.83 mm.
3. Bulk density: 0.6-0.9 kg/L.

1. Dispersion: Good flowing granules with homogeneous particle size ensure the good dispersion in the detergent powder.

2. Stability: The coated enzyme is immune from external adverse factors.

3. Compatibility: The close bulk density to other components in the detergent powder will not cause layering during shipment and storage.

4. Solubility: The rapid dissolution in the water can make active ingredients effective within a short time.
1. A low addition amount of Cleanzyme can effectively improve the stain removal effects of detergents.
2. The specific dose depends on the formula, cost and effects. 200-800 U Cleanzyme per gram of detergent powder is added in lab conditions.
3. It is recommend to carry out a small-scale test to determine the optimal dose before mass production.
35 kg/drum (cardboard barrel lined with PE bags), or packaged according to customer requests.

Store in a cool, shady, dry and well-ventilated place away from direct sunlights. Extreme conditions (high temperature/moisture) will lead to the loss of enzyme activity. Refrigerate the product in the case of long-term storage.

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