Vland Exhibits at China Feed Industry Expo 2024


China Feed Industry Expo 2024 organized by China Feed Industry Association took place at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Fujian Province, China between April 18-20. Themed with “Stronger Industry for Responding to Changes and Breaking New Ground”, this year’s expo covered an area of about 100,000 m2 and attracted around 700 enterprises from animal husbandry and feed fields to attend.


At this Expo, Vland exhibited its precisely customized enzymes based on Vland-PCP system. This system is developed on the basis of feed material data and big data on enzyme application. With this system, tailored enzyme preparations that offer precise protein contribution can be delivered. Thanks to decades of efforts in collecting and analyzing tens of thousands of experiment data, Vland has become an expert in providing efficient compound enzymes for diversified diet composition, so as to help customers improve efficiency while reducing costs.


Microscopes were brought to Vland’s booth this year, and guidance on feed materials was offered by Mr. Guo Jiyuan, chief scientist of Vland’s Living-Source Sharing Lab, and Mr. Yang Haipeng, former chief expert of China National Feed Quality Control Center (Wuhan). Vland’s Living-Source Sharing Lab is committed to providing technical service on feed material quality control, and the principles presented by Mr. Guo Jiyuan on evaluating feed material quality from six dimensions are warmly welcomed by the industry.


Currently, Vland's animal health care product portfolio has been diversified, expanding from feed enzymes to feed additives and functional raw materials, delivering systematic solutions to customers. At this expo, we exhibited not only tailored enzymes based on Vland-PCP system, but also modified phospholipids hydrolyzed by Vland's phospholipase, as well as "five pass-throughs" coating technique and tannic acid products by Qingdao RBT Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Vland. Focusing on animal nutrition, Vland stays committed to delivering innovative and systematic solutions.