Vland to Attend China Feed Industry Expo 2024


Team Vland, led by Mr. Guo Jiyuan, chief scientist of Vland’s Living-Source Sharing Lab is going to attend China Feed Industry Expo 2024 in Xiamen, China during April 18-20. At this exhibition, Vland will focus on two parts: animal nutrition-related products and technical service on feed quality. 

In terms of products, besides individual feed enzymes, we also offer precisely customized enzymes developed based on Vland-PCP system. This system has been established by Vland after 20 years of efforts in collecting and analyzing large number of feed material data and animal experiment data, so as to deliver powerful technical services to customers and help them improve efficiency while reducing costs. In addition to enzymes and animal health care products, new products will join the rank this year. As Qingdao RBT Biotechnology Co., Ltd. becomes part of Vland, and Inner Mongolia Vland Huaou Biotech Co., Ltd. was set up, Vland's animal health care product portfolio has been diversified, expanding from feed enzymes to feed additives and functional raw materials, delivering systematic solutions to customers.

In terms of technical services, Living-Source Sharing Lab has offered amazing technical services during the past 3 years, and has created great economic value for customers. We have established a unique method in appraising feed materials and identifying feed material adulteration so that customers can get high-quality feed materials and precisely evaluate and test them.

At this year's exhibition, we will invite a special guest to answer questions together with Team Vland at CFIE. So who is this special guest? Find the answer at Vland's Booth A3-B202 at CFIE in Xiamen, China.

See you in Xiamen!