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KDN Pectinase is produced by modern submerged fermentation technology. It can be widely used in the manufacture of fruit juice, vegetable juice and wine as well as in feed processing, etc.

Mode of Action

KDN Pectinase is a kind of compound bio-catalyst with multiple ingredients. It can break down the cell wall of fruit and reduce the viscosity of juice, speed up the ultra-filtration process and decrease the processing time.

1. Effective in a broad pH range of 2.5-4.5 with an optimum pH at 3.3-4.0.
2. Effective in a broad temperature range of 25-65 ℃ with an optimum temperature at 50-60 ℃.
Physical Data
Appearance: Yellow to brown powder.
300,000 U/g.

1. For fruit and vegetable juice processing, 0.005-0.03 kg/t fruit and vegetable slurry is recommended to be used at pH 3.5-4.0 and 45-55 ℃ for 1-5 hours;
2. For wine processing, 0.005-0.02 kg/t fruit slurry is recommended. Pectinase can be added directly to the fruit slurry or after dilution;

Note: Application tests should be started from the minimum dosage. The optimum dosage and reaction time should be determined according to the test results.
Packaged in woven bags, 25 kg/bag; or packaged according to customer requests.


Store in cool, dry and shady conditions away from moisture and heat with the bag sealed when the product is not in use.
Shelf Life
Minimum 12 months from the production date in original packages at 20 ℃.

Avoid inhalation of enzyme dust and mist. In case of contact with skin or eyes, promptly rinse the affected area thoroughly with water.

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