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Liquid Multivitamin

GigaVit is a homogeneous and stable nano liquid vitamin supplement designed and manufactured for aquaculture by Master via its exclusive patented technology, which combines nutrition knowledge and nanotechnology to allow different types of vitamins to be dispersed in one discontinuous phase.


1.  Finer Particles.

 -  PDI=0.293

 -  Particle Size (Z-average): 42nm, homogeneous particles with narrow distribution

 -  Better digestibility and bioavailability.

2.  Better Stability.

 -  Stable in storage.

Advanced interface technique is used to ensure different types of vitamins do not interfere with each other and therefore improve the stability. No precipitates or layering appear when GigaVit is stored at room temperature for 6 months, with a retention rate of above 90% for the majority of the vitamins.

 -  Stable in processing.

GigaVit can be used in the way of quantitative spraying after the processing and before grease spraying of aquaculture feed, which helps avoid the high pressure and temperature during processing and thus effectively reduces the loss and improves the utilization rate.

 -  Stable in water.

A simulated aquaculture water environment test was conducted by adding multivitamins of same concentration and dosage to extruded feed for grass carp in two different ways: supplementing solid powders before processing and spraying GigaVit after processing, with water-soluble nicotinamide and fat-soluble Vitamin E as indicators. The results showed that there was no significant difference in dissolution rate between the feed added multivitamins in the two different ways in 30 minutes, after which the vitamin dissolution rate of the experimental group (GigaVit) was slightly higher than that of the Control (solid powders).

3.  Faster Growth.

The results of largemouth bass test showed that the effects of GigaVit (in normal dosage or 70% of normal dosage) supplemented in feed is better than those of solid powder vitamin premix when the composition formula is the same. The rate of weight gain of largemouth bass increased by 9.77% in N group (fed feed supplemented with normal dosage of GigaVit) when compared with that in solid vitamin premix group (Control), and rose by 3.68% in L group (fed feed supplemented with 70% of normal dosage of GigaVit) compared with the Control. The FCR of largemouth bass decreased by 5.81% in N group compared with the Control, and declined by 6.98% in L group compared with the Control.

4.  More Profits.

Growth performance is significantly improved by spraying GigaVit after processing than by adding solid multivitamin premix before processing. The lower dosage of GigaVit (70% of the normal) can fully substitute the solid multivitamin premix. Taking largemouth bass with a general yield of 3,000-4,000kg per mu (≈667 m2) as example, the profit is expected to increase $889.81 to $1,639.04 USD per mu when GigaVit is used.

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