Squid Liver Paste (Enzymatic Hydrolysis)

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Squid Liver Paste (Enzymatic Hydrolysis)

Squid liver paste (Enzymatic Hydrolysis) is made out of fresh squid viscera by advanced processing techniques as an excellent feed attractant and nutritional supplement for aquatic animals and livestock. It helps promote animal growth by supplying abundant nutrients including proteins, fats and cholesterol. The special fishy smell is obviously attractive to animals and improves feed palatability.

Production Process

fresh viscera – remove impurities – grind to get pulp – enzymatic hydrolysis – filter – pasteurize – concentrate at low temperature – cool and package

Physical Properties

Soft dark brown paste, water soluble, no layering, no mildew.


1.   It has rich protein and balanced amino acids, easy to be digested and absorbed by fish, shrimps and crabs;

2.   The strong fishy smell of squid viscera is effective to enhance the appetite of aquatic animals and livestock;

3.   It can increase pellet cohesion and will not be negatively affected in the pelleting process;

4.   It can enhance disease resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases in fish, shrimps and crabs.

Analytical Parameters



      Crude Protein

         30% MIN.

         Crude Fat

         6% MAX.


         50% MAX.


         8% MAX.

         Acid Value

   50mg KOH/g MAX.  


   450mg/100g MAX.


          5% MAX.

Recommended Dosage

Add 3-5% to the feed.


225 kg/steel drum.

Storage and Shelf Life

The shelf life is minimum 12 months when the product is stored in original package in a cool, dry and shady place at 25℃.

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