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Allicin is widely used in animal production as bactericide, insecticide, toxinicide, flavors, etc., with high performance and low cost.


1. Strong broad-spectrum antimicrobial and bactericidal effects on both gram-positive and -negative bacteria. 
Allicin, an alternative to antibiotics in feed, can effectively prevent and treat dysentery, enteritis, E. coli and other respiratory and digestive system disorders in livestock and poultry.

2. Improvement of disease resistance for aquatic animals.
Allicin can effectively prevent and treat rotten gills, red spots, hemorrhagic enteritis and other diseases in fish, shrimps, crabs, turtles and other aquatic animals.

3. Feed attractant.
Allicin helps improve appetite, feed intake, survival rate, laying rate, FCR and growth performance.

4. Improvement in flavor and reduction in cholesterol of animal meat.

5. Anti-mold effect.
Allicin, an alternative to mold inhibitors in feed, can inhibit and kill Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus Niger and Aspergillus fumigatus to prevent feed mildew and extend the shelf life.

No toxic and side effects, no residue, no (cross) resistance to drugs, no withdrawal period.


25%, 50%

Dosage (based on 25%)

SpeciesFunctions as
AttractantGrowth promotionAlternative antibiotics
Chick, layer, Broiler, Duck50 g80 g150-300 g
Piglet, Growing pig, Dairy cattle, Beef cattle50 g60 g200-350 g
Grass carp, Carp, Turtle, African carp50 g120 g350-500 g


1 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag; or packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life
24 months.

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