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Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine, Live (Strain H120).

Active Ingredients

The vaccine contains per dose at least 103.5 EID50 of Infectious Bronchitis virus (Strain H120, CVCC AV1514).

Spongy and loose mass, easy to separate from the bottle wall and dissolved quickly in the diluent.


For the immunisation of chickens against Infectious Bronchitis Disease.
Onset of immunity: 5-8 days after vaccination;
Duration of immunity: 2 months.


1. Used for the first immunization of newborn chicks of all kinds. Strain H52 vaccine shall be given to young chickens at one to two months of age to strengthen their immunity.

2. Dilute the vaccine with normal saline or distilled water according to the doses on the label.

3. Nose drops: 0.03 ml/chick (1 dose).

4. Drinking water administration: double dose. The amount of drinking water depends on the age of the chicks, generally 5.0-10 ml for chicks at 5-10 days of age.


1. The vaccine shall be stored in a cool and dark place and used up within 4 hours once mixed with the diluent.

2. For drinking water vaccination, metal containers shall be forbidden to use. All water shall be withheld from the birds for two to four hours prior to vaccination.

3. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and leftover vaccines shall be treated innocuously.

1,000 doses/vial.

Storage and Shelf Life

12 months when stored at -15℃.


10 vials/box.


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