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Avifix IBD

Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, Live (Strain B87).

Active Ingredients

This product contains per dose at least 103.0 EID50 of IBD virus (Strain B87, CVCC AV140).


Spongy and loose mass, easy to separate from the bottle wall and dissolved quickly in the diluent.


For the immunization of chickens against Infectious Bursal Disease.


Eye drop, oral administration or injection.
Dilute the vaccine with saline, distilled water or cool boiled water according to the doses on the label.
The vaccine can be used for all kinds of chicks at 14-28 days of age according to the level of maternally derived antibody.


1. Vaccinate healthy chickens only.

2. For drinking water vaccination, use clean water with no disinfectants such as chlorine ions and avoid the use of metal containers. All water shall be withheld from the birds for two to four hours prior to vaccination according to the region, season and feed. The chicken waterer shall be placed in a cool place away from sunlight and the water shall be drunk up within one hour.

4. Topical disinfectants shall be used to prepare the skin before vaccine administration.

5. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and leftover vaccines shall be treated innocuously.


1,000 doses/vial.

Storage and Shelf Life

18 months when stored at -15℃.


10 vials/box.

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