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Avifix Pox

Avian Pox Vaccine, Live (Quail-Adapted Strain).

Active Ingredients

The vaccine contains per dose at least 103.0 EID50 of Avian Pox virus (Quail-Adapted Strain, CVCC AV 1003).

Spongy and loose mass, easy to separate from the bottle wall and dissolved quickly after adding the diluent.

For the immunization of chickens against Avian Pox. The duration of immunity for adult chickens and newborn chicks is 5 months and 2 months, respectively.


Wing web administration. Dilute the vaccine with normal saline according to the doses on the label. Pierce the web of the exposed wing with the needle applicator charged with the diluted vaccine. 

Chicks aged 20-30 days: one shot;
Chickens aged over 30 days: two shots;
Chicks aged 6-20 days: one shot. The vaccine should be diluted once again before use.
Examine the site of vaccine administration for 'take' at 3-4 days post-vaccination. A positive take showing that the vaccination was successful, is indicated by slight swelling or formation of a scab. Swelling and scabs will disappear at 14-21 days following vaccination. Vaccinate the breeder once again 60 days after vaccination.


1. The vaccine shall be stored in a cool and dark place and be used up within 4 hours once mixed with the diluent.

2. Topical disinfectants shall be used to prepare the skin before vaccine administration.

3. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and leftover vaccines shall be treated innocuously.

4. Examine the chickens 7 days after the vaccination. Vaccinate again if negative take occurs.

1,000 doses/vial.

Storage and Shelf Life

18 months when stored at -15℃.


10 vials/box.

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