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Porcivac CSF

Classical Swine Fever Vaccine, Live (Tissue Culture Origin).

Active Ingredients

The vaccine contains per dose at least 750 RID of hog cholera lapinized virus (CVCC AV1412)


Spongy and loose mass, easy to separate from the bottle wall and dissolved quickly in the diluent.


For the immunization of pigs against swine fever.
Onset of Immunity: 4 days after vaccination;
Duration of immunity for piglets without maternal antibody: 12 months after weaning.

Adverse Reaction
No adverse reactions.

Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.
Dilute the vaccine with normal saline according to the doses on the label.

In the region free of CSF risks, administer one dose of 1 ml to piglets without maternal antibody after weaning. In the region of CSF risks, administer 1 dose of 1 ml to piglets at 21-30 days of age and 65 days of age, respectively.

Four doses can be administered to piglets before weaning in case of maternal antibody interference.

1. Transport refrigerated below 8℃.

2. Use within 10 days upon receiving the refrigerated vaccine when vials are stored in 8℃-25℃.

3. Topical disinfectants shall be used to prepare the skin before administration.

4. In case of anaphylactic reaction, use epinephrine. 

5. After dilution, use within 6 hours when vials are stored below 15 ℃ and within 3 hours when stored at 15-27 ℃.

6. The used vaccine bottles, utensils and leftover vaccines shall be treated innocuously.

20 doses/vial.
10 vials/box.
Storage and Shelf Life
18 months when stored at -15℃.

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