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CocciFix is a water-soluble compound probiotic product developed by Vland to prevent and control coccidiosis in poultry. It is composed of superior functional bacterial strains selected via high throughput screening, which can effectively prevent and control enteritis, diarrhea and bloody stools caused by coccidiosis.


Bacillus subtilis, lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites.

Minimum Viable Count:

Bacillus subtilis: 2.5×109 CFU/g,

Lactic acid bacteria: 2.0×107 CFU/g.

Mode of Action

- Bacillus subtilis in this product can produce metabolites including active proteins such as lipopeptides and various enzymes through different synthetic pathways, which are effective in preventing enteritis caused by coccidia and bacterial infections by E. coli and Salmonella.

- Lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites can activate humoral and cellular immunity, as well as the intestinal immune response in chicks, so as to inhibit the invasion of coccidia into the intestinal epithelium, and enhance the ability of chicks to resist coccidia.


1. Prevent and control the incidence of coccidiosis, effectively relieve enteritis, diarrhea and bloody stools caused by coccidiosis and secondary bacterial infections;

2. Protect intestinal health and maintain the balance of microflora to improve stress resistance in animals, and raise economic benefits.

Target Animals

Poultry (broilers, layers, etc.).

Recommended Dosage

200g/ton water, used for 4 consecutive days.

Double the dosage or use in combination with other coccidiostats and chemical drugs when serious enteritis occurs.



Shelf Life

12 months.

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