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AquaFresh is a newly-developed functional compound probiotic product to improve water quality in aquaculture. High-throughput screening and the latest process techniques are used by Vland in the R&D and production. The scientific formulation enables it to effectively purify contaminated water for aquaculture and modulate the water quality. AquaFresh is an environmentally friendly and nuisanceless water quality improver.

Active Ingredients

Bacillus licheniformis VLPPro® SB538, with a total viable count of ≥1010 CFU/g.

Scope of Application

Used for all farmed aquatic species and various aquaculture production methods such as traditional earthen pond farming and factory farms.


1. Degrade ammonia-nitrogen and nitrites.

AquaFresh is composed of functional strains selected with high-throughput screening method. Acclimated to temperatures of ≥15℃ and salinities of 0-30‰, the probiotics can quickly colonize in complex water environment, and effectively remove harmful substances including ammonia-nitrogen and nitrites.

2. Decompose organic matters.

AquaFresh can effectively decompose organic matters such as the excess feed and feaces in aquaculture water, reduce the surface tension of water, decrease the risk of pathogen infection and water eutrophication caused by the accumulation of organic impurities.

3. Reduce algae growth and improve water quality.

AquaFresh can prevent harmful algal blooms and decompose the dead algae to effectively reduce the risks of water quality degradation, turbidity, stickiness and foaming.

Recommended Dosage

This product is composed of compound Bacillus of high activity. Sprinkle the product with water evenly to the whole pond without activation.

                 Production mode

            Recommended dosage

    Recommended frequency for use

               Low-density farming 

          (traditional earthen ponds)


                   every 5-7 days

        Medium to high density farming 

                 (intensive ponds)         


                   every 5-7 days

             High-density farming 

                  (factory farms)


                   every 3-5 days

Note: Increase the dose as appropriate in the late farming stage or in conditions of deteriorating water quality.


Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place. Do not store together with toxic and harmful substances.

Shelf Life

18 months.




This product cannot be used together with disinfectants and antibiotics.

It is recommended to use on a sunny morning when outdoor cultivation applies.

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