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Greenshield NM

Composed of strong strains selected through high throughput screening by Vland R&D Center, Greenshield NM is a kind of raw powder of compound microbial agent. It is effective in the biocontrol against crop nematode disease and in the reduction of co-occurrence of other crop diseases.


Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus methylotrophicus, Bacillus laterosporus, etc.

Total Viable Count: 2×1010-1×1011 CFU/g.


1. Nematode control.

The effective functional strains can colonize fast in the soil and produce nematicidal active substances to decompose and absorb the main components of nematode's body wall and eggshell, causing it to die. Meanwhile, high abundance of functional bacteria can induce resistance to nematodes and promote crop growth. By inhibiting egg hatching and killing the second instar larvae, it can effectively control common root-knot nematodes, stem nematodes, root rot nematodes and cyst nematodes.

2. Soil ecological balance adjustment.
The strains can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria after their colonization in the soil, improve the abundance of dominant bacteria and adjust ecological balance. The metabolized auxin, indoleacetic acid, zeatin and other plant growth hormones can significantly improve crop growth, yield and quality.

Usage and Dosage
Greenshield NM can be used by enterprises manufacturing chemical fertilizers, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, microbial agent, biological organic fertilizer, humic acid, amino acid, etc.

For organic fertilizer enterprise:  2-3 kg/t, add after fermentation and maturity of organic materials. 

For microbial fertilizer enterprises: 3-5 kg/t, can be blended with different carriers to produce compound microbial agents.

For other fertilizer enterprises: over 2 kg/t.

For farmland: Groove or hole fertilization is used before sowing or transplanting, followed by two root applications or applications in irrigation water after 7 days. It is recommended to use 30-45 kg/hectare (based on 2x1010 CFU/g) when mild nematode diseases occur and 30-45 kg/hectare (based on 2x1010 CFU/g) after soil treatment when severe nematode diseases occur.

Target Crops

1. Solanaceous and melon crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and peanuts;
2. Other vegetables, fruit trees, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, field crops and flowers.


Store in a cool, shady and dry place. Avoid to be used with germicides.


20 kg/bag; or packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life

18 months.

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