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NIT Quick

NIT Quick is a compound probiotic product used in aquaculture to lower water nitrite level, improve water quality and inhibit pathogens and harmful algae.


Compound bacillus, carbon source.

Total bacteria count ≥ 2.0×109 CFU/g


Used in fresh or sea water ponds, especially in aging eutrophic ponds with lots of organic matters.

1. Reduce nitrite level in water through degradation and alleviate the symptoms caused by nitrite poisoning;

2. Break down the excess feed, feaces and other organic matters in the water to purify water quality;

3. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful algae and pathogenic bacteria to reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Usage and Dosage

1. Dilute NIT Quick with water and then splash it evenly into the pond .

2. 225-375 g/1,000 m3, every 5-7 days.


1. It is forbidden to be used together with oxidants, disinfectants and antibiotics.

2. Use the product in a small quantity on a usual basis to avoid the possible stress responses caused by rapid decrease of nitrite.

3. Use the entire content as quickly as possible after opening. Seal the bag when the product is not in use.


500 g × 24 bags/box; or packaged according to customer requests.


Store in a cool, shady and dry place with bags sealed.

Shelf Life

24 months from the production date.

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