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KDN pectinase is produced by modern submerged fermentation technology. It can crack the plant cell walls, decrease chyme viscosity, increase feed utilization rate and improve animal production performance.


1. Improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients by eliminating ANF pectin and reducing chyme viscosity;

2. Release the nutrients wrapped in the cell;

3. Improve the growth performance of animals and feed efficiency;

4. Reduce environmental pollution by decreasing the excretion of faeces.

1. Effective in a broad pH range of 2.5-4.5 with an optimum pH at 3.3-4.0;

2. Effective in a broad temperature range of 25-65℃ with an optimum temperature of 50-60℃;

3. Good storage stability.


30,000 U/g, 300,000 U/g.

Recommended Dosage

30-60 g/ton feed, based on the activity of 30,000 U/g.


Packaged in woven bags, 25 kg/bag; or packaged according to customer requests.

Shelf Life
12 months.

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