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Immobilized Lipase

Chiralzyme IM is a non-specific lipase immobilized on a special resin and stable over a relatively broad pH range. The enzyme exhibits a very high degree of substrate specificity, with respect to both regio- and enantioselectivity. It has been be widely used in the resolution of racemic alcohols, amines and acids, as well as in the preparation of optically active compounds from meso-substrates. Chiralzyme IM also acts as a regioselective catalyst in the selective acylation of different carbohydrates.

Physical and Chemical Properties

1. Appearance: white to light yellow granulate (particle size: 300-710μm).

2. Enzyme activity: 4,000PLU/g.

Definition of Propyl Laurate Unit (PLU): One PLU of the immobilized lipase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme which generates 1μmol of propyl laurate per minute from the substrates lauric acid and propyl alcohol at 60℃.

3. Optimum temperature: 30-60℃.

4. Optimum pH: 5-9.

5. Mechanical strength: 30, immobilized lipase solution, material ratio 1:1, stirring at 800rpm for 24h, NTU<300.


1. Mild and selective on multi-functional substrates;

2. Active for both bulk liquid substances and in the presence of organic co-solvents;

3. Performs well under anhydrous conditions and with moisture sensitive substrates;

4. Functions across a wide temperature range (20-110°C);

5. Suitable for both stirred batch tank and continuous fixed bed reactors;

6. Can be recycled many times without activity loss, depending on reaction conditions;

7. Used in large-scale industrial production.

Recommended Dosage

5-8%. The exact dose should be determined in accordance with the results of small-scale test.


Store sealed in a cool, dry and shady place below 25。 


1. Avoid the use of strongly polar solvents and metal reactors.

2. The tert-butanol solvent may cause particle swelling.

3. Calcium ions will affect the activity of immobilized lipase.

4. The stirring speed should not be very high, so as not to break the particles.

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