Vland Holds Its 5th Technology Innovation Sharing Conference


Vland’s 5th Technology Innovation Sharing Conference was successfully held on March 17. Three experts - Prof. Zhuang Yingping, Dr. Cao Ningjun, and Dr. Zhan Shixian - were invited to deliver lectures at the conference. Sixteen representatives from Vland's platforms of enzymes, probiotics, animal health care, aquaculture and innovative business gave an introduction to the R&D progress they had made in the past year, respectively. Five young R&D personnel shared their stories of exploration and growth at Vland. There were also four outstanding makers who told the fascinating stories of how to become a successful businessman from scratch and how to translate their experience into values. At the end of the conference, Mr. Chen Gang, President of Vland, gave a special report, and Dr. Ling Hongli, rotating chairperson of Vland Technical Committee, presented what the committee did in 2022.


From 2021, Vland has entered the era of VLAND 4.0 focusing on ecological innovation and interconnection. Since then, Vland's organizational model of "Platform + Maker" has gradually matured with bursts of energy. The empowerment of technology and service has improved at the platform level, and the personal and organizational boundaries have been broken at the maker level, thus facilitating the linking of all internal and external resources and creating more values for customers.