Vland's "Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for Enzyme Bio-catalysis Technology" Accredited


On May 13, 2022, Shandong Development and Reform Commission released the list of “2021 Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Centers”. The Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for Enzyme Bio-catalysis Technology led by Qingdao Vland Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc., is on the list.


The center aims to make key technological innovations in fields of bioreactors, intelligent manufacturing, the construction of a universal industrial enzyme expression system and the development of new enzyme preparations. An efficient technology system of industrial biocatalysis and transformation will be established to greatly improve the catalytic efficiency and industrial application of proteins and industrial enzymes, significantly reduce production costs, and break through the key technical bottlenecks restricting industrial development. All this will provide technical supports and services for downstream technology research and industrial transformation, advance the application and promotion of green biological processes in downstream industries, and help improve the core competitiveness of the industry and boost its high-quality development.