Vland Holds New Year Employee Training Session 2022


Vland’s New Year Employee Training Session was held on February 7 and attended by over 1,500 employees in 12 different venues. This year’s session was broadcast live and people who don’t work at Vland Innovation Park watched it online. With a theme of “pooling efforts together by consolidating the culture”, the management shared their ideas from perspectives of corporate culture, operation management and functional services to facilitate greater breakthroughs of Vland in 2022.


In his speech on corporate culture, Vland’s Director Mr. Zhang Xiaochen compared an enterprise to a tree, and emphasized that for a tree to grow tall and luxuriant, its roots must run deep and strong. “At Vland, corporate culture is the root. An enterprise cannot achieve sustainable development without cultural inheritance. Vland has been putting people first, staying committed to serving agriculture sectors and growing up with customers—all this is the root of Vland. Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States are where Vland starts its internationalization strategy”, said Director Zhang.


After reviewing the social hotspots in the past year and analyzing the current situation of industrial development, Vland’s Chairman Mr. Huang Bingliang stated that hard-working is the only and the best choice for Vland in 2022. He pointed out that Vland’s cultural advantages should be carried forward with the core values of benevolence, hard-working, learning and harmony as the guidelines for behavior; only companies with excellent teams can be competitive on the path to the future; target services and products must be offered to solve industry pain points; new production bases must be built and used well to improve production capacity and automation level; more efforts should be made to increase market share by striving to develop new markets and create new profit growth points while maintaining existing advantages in today’s customer-centric world.


Vland’s President Mr. Chen Gang made a speech with the topic of “better eco-innovation, better Vland”. He reviewed Vland’s development course and summarized the achievements made in VLAND3.0 era (2017-2021) characterized by “platform transformation and innovation-driven growth”. “Vland has thoroughly transformed itself into a “platform + maker” organization, dividing the interior into three parts: front desk, middle desk and back office, with independent promotion channels. After five years of exploration, Vland’s three-tier maker system has matured, which includes over 100 individual makers, 14 project makers and 15 company makers. This transformation has greatly improved management efficiency and the use of internal resources. Technological innovation has already been a main driver for Vland’s sustainable development”, said President Chen.


In mid-2021, Vland began to enter the VLAND4.0 era featuring eco-innovation, supported by platform empowerment and multiple-tier maker system. In this new era, Vland will focus on “dual circulation” to extensively link the upstream and downstream, expand new applications, develop new industries, incubate new projects, and form a new development pattern to stabilize the stock and expand the increment.


In 2022, the first year for the implementation of the eco-innovation strategy, Vland will work to establish two core customer empowerment scenarios based on Vland Innovation Park and Vland Industrial Park for Animal Health Care Products. At the same time, Vland will organize activities of all kinds, actively establish cooperation and interaction with core customers, widely deliver values and empower end users so as to achieve win-win results.


At this meeting, heads of the business platforms of enzymes, probiotics, aquaculture and animal health care introduced the current situation of production and research and reported the development plan for 2022, respectively. Heads of asset management platform and functional service platform made a summary for 2021 and reported the work plan for 2022.