Vland Holds Management Annual Meeting 2022


Vland Management Annual Meeting 2022 was held to review 2021 and plan for 2022 in the Vland Innovation Park on January 10. Platform heads of enzyme, probiotics, animal health care, aquaculture, and innovation & incubation made special reports of planning, while the head of platform of functional services delivered a work report. Over 70 representatives from R&D, production and makers attended the meeting.


2021 is a significant juncture for Vland to transform its development strategy from "platform transformation and innovation-driven growth" (VLAND3.0, 2017-2021) to "ecological innovation" (VLAND4.0, from the second half year of 2021). In 2021, Vland worked hard to break business boundaries and advance the sharing of platform resources, achieving steady development.


In his keynote report, Director Mr. Zhang Xiaocheng pointed out that Vland witnessed steady growth in 2021, despite the uncertain external environment. "Looking ahead to 2022, Vlanders should increase cooperation and extend the industrial chain to integrate and serve the elements of the chain; keep working hard and making progress; stay humble and hungry; serve with heart and devote to industry development, enterprise growth and self-fulfillment", said Director Zhang.



Chairman Mr. Huang Bingliang stressed in his speech that new growth impetus had been generated in the area of carbon neutrality and the sectors featuring specialization, refinement, differentiation and innovation, backed by the current loose national policy, efforts to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, deepening reforms in key areas, support for the real economy and ongoing industrial upgrading. "The year 2021 saw an adjustment in animal husbandry: raw material price and breeding costs were rising; biological safety was regarded as an important part in breeding; new enzyme preparations, fermentation preparations, immunity enhancers, and functional additives became the main driving force for technological progress in the industry. In 2022, Vland will further improve its organization, develop products and provide services based on customer needs, and create more values for customers through continuous technological innovation", continued Chairman Huang.


At this meeting, heads of business platforms of enzyme, probiotics, animal health care, aquaculture and innovation & incubation, as well as the head of functional services reviewed their work in 2021 and made a plan for 2022.



In 2021, individuals excelling in both professional knowledge and practical experience emerged in a large number at Vland's front desk, middle desk and back-office. Among them, seven outstanding representatives shared their work experience at the meeting.



Vland's President Mr. Chen Gang reviewed the achievements made in VLAND3.0 era (2017-2021) characterized by "platform transformation and innovation-driven growth". "Vland has thoroughly transformed itself into a "platform + maker" organization, dividing the interior into three parts: front desk, middle desk and back office with independent promotion channels. After five years of exploration, Vland's three-tier maker system has matured, which includes over 100 individual makers, 14 project makers and 15 company makers. Individual makers are further present in three different forms: internal makers, internal shared makers and external cooperative makers. The transformation towards "platform + maker" has drastically reduced Vland's management costs and greatly improved the use of internal resources", said President Chen, "Technological innovation has already been a main driver for the company's sustainable development."


In mid-2021, Vland officially launched the "ecological innovation" strategy and began to enter the VLAND4.0 era. In this new era, Vland will focus on "dual circulation" to extensively link the upstream and downstream, expand new applications, develop new industries, incubate new projects, and form a new development pattern to stabilize the stock and expand the increment.


In 2022, the first year for the implementation of the ecological innovation strategy, Vland will strengthen its main business of agricultural biology and provide a comprehensive solution of "integrated products + services" to strive for win-win outcome with customers. It will expand new applications, cultivate new businesses and make a long-term goal in the fields of big health and synthetic biology. Through extensive cooperation and sharing, more attention will be paid to the value marketing targeting big accounts and to the shaping of multiple scenarios which will empower and reach the clients. Active internationalization strategy will be adopted to integrate itself into the global innovation value chain and to expand global presence.


In the VLAND 4.0 era, Vland is expected to grow from "the wood" into a "rainforest of symbiosis and sharing".