Vland Holds Its 2021 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sharing Annual Conference


Vland Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sharing Annual Conference was held in Qingdao on October 11, 2021. Representatives from Vland platforms of enzyme, probiotics, animal health, and incubation introduced their innovation results and experience. Nearly 300 R&D personnel and makers attended the meeting.

Mr. Huang Bingliang, chairman of Vland Biotech, expressed his hope in the speech that Vland’s employees should develop the habit of independent thinking and respect for science. “We need to observe the world carefully and independently and finally form our own judgment,” he added.

Mr. Zhang Xiaocheng, director of Vland, reviewed the past 20 years’ development of the industry. He emphasized that we need to return to the industry, the professionalism and the nature of business operation. Everyone in Vland should take industry development as his/her own responsibility and work hard for Vland’s new five-year plan through active R&D investment and technological advancement.

Representatives from each business platform demonstrated their latest R&D achievements and core product advantages from the perspective of technology and products. Technological innovation drives the continuous development of Vland. Taking enzyme preparations as an example, innovation by innovation from the original feed enzymes, industrial enzymes to food enzymes and even agricultural enzymes, new momentum has been injected into Vland’s businesses. Application innovation contributes to the steady development of Vland’s existing business. Vland team stays committed to creating values for customers by deeply exploring their needs and providing innovative solutions in product applications. Nearly five years of encouragement in entrepreneurship and innovation has cultivated a group of outstanding makers and talents of technological innovation in various business fields, persons who are also known as "technical businessmen" with expertise in both technology and business.

Mr. Chen Gang, President of Vland, made a report on the era of VLAND 4.0 themed by ecological innovation. From VLAND 2.0 to 3.0, Vland restructured itself and successfully changed its mode of business through platform transformation and innovation-driven development. After five years of progress in the development stage of VLAND 3.0, its organizational model of “Platform + Maker” has matured with bursts of energy. The empowerment of technology and service has improved at the platform level; and the personal and organizational boundaries have been broken at the maker level, thus facilitating the linking of all internal resources and creating more values for customers.

VLAND 4.0 (2021-2025) is the era of ecological innovation, with a focus on the strategy of going global based on the organizational model of "platform empowerment + diversified makers". All this will help Vland fully realize the synergy and sharing of internal and external resources and form a "dual circulation" development pattern.